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social environment - the ecological environment - digital environment


Türi Basic School - Estonia

8th grade

Students who participated in the project were 14-15-years-old.



Türi Basic School (Brief description of school context)


School website http://tyripk.ee


Content/Subject Areas:

The project embraced the following subjects: Estonian, science, social studies, ICT.


Project Objectives


Project Description


Design of the Learning Environment


Evidence of Learning


Knowledge Building and Critical Thinking


Extended Learning Beyond the Classroom


Involment of the student




The course of the projecton

Lesson 1 – problems in question, forming teams

Lesson 2 – stating the problem, saving as an audio file

Lesson 3 – lesson outdoors

Lesson 4 – Internet safety, cyber bullying, copyright, digital footprint

Lesson 5 – photo processing, creating a video

Lesson 6 – publishing the video, embedding it to blogs, presentation, assessment

Lesson 7 – suggestions to the local municipality, student proposals and feedback from the municipality,

Lesson 8  assessment and feedback from student  


Overview - gallery



Through this project the students

  • learned to notice the circumstance  surrounding  us and study the environmental, economic and ethical issues;
  • learned to use different commodity software for learning and web-based social networking software;
  • got the overview of Internet security, cyber bullying,digital footprint and copyright;
  • students worked in teams and they studied the situation of different public places, such as bus stops, parks and pavements, in their hometown, and they studied the recycling process.

Students forwarded their suggestions to their fellow pupils and local municipality and they made known that they have noticed the problems and are ready to take action.



Estonia_Aluoja_Environment - VCT.pptx



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